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Archive for October 2016

Testimonial: Resolving Hurdles

The B-BIC program has been instrumental in helping us accelerate development of our bioreactor and achieve commercial proof of feasibility that would not have been possible within the same time frame by traditional non-dilutive funding mechanisms available at the time. B-BIC also allowed us to bridge academic and commercial requirements and resolve many practical hurdles…

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Testimonial: Challenging Interaction a Huge Plus

Here is how B-BIC has helped this project. The money itself. It would be very difficult to raise money for this project from standard sources. Challenging questions from the reviewers. During the review of our preproposal, one challenge from the B-BIC point of contact was that we should design a Phase 3 trial for our…

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Testimonial: Clear Objectives

B-BIC has been a communicative and supportive organization to work with and the program is well designed. B-BIC has chosen targeted topics and emphasized commercial translation, making the program objectives clear. This aids the proposer in assessing likelihood of winning an award. The involvement of the program managers has been helpful and informative. The proposal…

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Testimonial: Business Principles Advanced

This grant has enabled me to advance the development of a medical device with a high potential clinical impact. This is consistent with my academic career, which centers on translational imaging research. The B-BIC grant has allowed me to engage with marketing and business advisors to learn more deeply about practical business principles necessary to…

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Testimonial: Broadened Horizons

This project has advanced my professional development objectives by allowing me to learn much about the technology development and commercialization process. Beyond my conventional academic pursuits, involvement with the B-BIC program has broadened my horizons and underlined the importance of translating promising science from our laboratories towards practical/commercial applications. This work has enhanced my interest…

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Testimonial: Increased Visibility

Progress made under this award has increased my visibility to pharmaceutical companies so that I have been sought as an investigator for several companies.

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Testimonial: Program Invaluable

The B-BIC program has been invaluable in two ways. First, the grant support has allowed us to bring our device from early prototyping stage to full preclinical testing and now at a point where we can focus on achieving FDA clearance for clinical use. Second, the support of advisors have taught me to navigate the…

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Success Story: Warren Zapol, David Zapol and Third Pole, Inc.

Approximately 10,000 “blue babies” are given inhaled nitric oxide (NO) to treat Hypoxic Respiratory Failure each year. Other potential uses for inhaled NO include heart attacks, strokes, and malaria. But the technology necessary to deliver inhaled NO is available only in a limited number of countries, for those who can afford it, with physicians who…

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Success Story: Jonathan Thon and Platelet Biogenesis, Inc

Platelets are the ‘bandaids’ of the bloodstream. They are the cells in your blood that stop you from bleeding and transfusions save the lives of millions every year. However, platelets can only be stored for 5-7.5 days because of bacterial contamination issues. To manage this, blood centers typically don’t keep more than a 1.5 days…

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