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Archive for February 2017

TIPS & TRICKS: The Online Patent Search

The Online Patent Search:  Do not waste your time developing a product that has already been patented by someone else.  It pays to learn how to do a quick patent search online.  There are many good patent search sites and we have listed a few of them for you. Our favorite is The link…

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SPECIALIST SERIES: Taking The Next Steps With Medical Research

You have completed your research project, possibly published the results, and maybe presented the work at a conference.  Now what?  Perhaps you would like to see the technology translated into medical practice and meaningful health outcomes.  But what are the next steps? You may think the next logical steps are to refine the technology and…

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SPECIALIST SERIES: What is Due Diligence?

No matter how interested they appear in a deal, prudent investors always follow a process called “due diligence” before making a financial commitment.  That means conducting research on the proposition to test the assertions of the promoters and seek additional information to the point where they are satisfied that they clearly understand the risks they…

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