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Archive for April 2017

Tips & Tricks: Customer Research Basics

The “build it and they will come” approach may have worked for Steven Jobs at Apple but does not work for most new products.  For us mere mortals, it is important to conduct customer research before proceeding too far with a new idea.  You want to know if there is a market for your product…

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Specialist Series: What is a “Venture Syndicate” ?

By Jay Knowles An investor syndicate generally consists of three of four investors who have the funds to take the company from idea stage through to clinical proof of concept.  Investors may not put all of the investment in upfront (so that they have a little more control over the flow of funds), and they…

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Tips & Tricks: When Searching for Market Information

It is always important to know your competitors and how your product compares to theirs, but did you know competitors’ websites can also provide information on reimbursement and market size.  Companies often provide a reimbursement guide for their customers and a company’s annual report frequent has market size and market share data. When searching for…

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