Tips & Tricks: When Searching for Market Information

  • It is always important to know your competitors and how your product compares to theirs, but did you know competitors’ websites can also provide information on reimbursement and market size.  Companies often provide a reimbursement guide for their customers and a company’s annual report frequent has market size and market share data.
  • When searching for market information, put “pdf” or “ppt” after your key words.  This approach will focus the results on PDF files and PowerPoint presentations, which are frequently more relevant and detailed. Also you can use the “-word” function to eliminate those pesky non-relevant results that keep showing up.
  • Another great way to find market information is to do an image search rather than a general web search.  You will frequently find relevant graphs, bar charts, pie charts, and tables.  Follow the link of the image source to see if more information is available.