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Archive for September 2017

NIH Centers for Accelerated Innovations Program: principles, practices, successes and challenges

Commercializing innovations in academic environments is notoriously challenging. Here, we describe the progress of the NIH Centers for Accelerated Innovations program — initiated in 2013 to address these challenges — which we believe could help set a new standard for the early-stage commercialization of biomedical innovations in academic environments. Read More On

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Specialist Series: Reimbursement

If reimbursement is so important … why do so many companies address it so half-heartedly and so late? Edward E. Berger, Ph.D. Everyone knows how important reimbursement analysis and planning is to the success of innovative medical technology and life science products.  Ask any venture capitalist, private equity investor, strategic marketing analyst, or C-level executive;…

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RECIPIENT: Dr. Leo Tsai TITLE: A Novel Coaxial Deflectable Microcatheter for Rapid Navigation of Tortuous Vessels TYPE OF AWARD: DRIVE INSTITUTION: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center TECHNOLOGY TYPE: Therapeutic Device DESCRIPTION: Microcatheters are used to access small vessels throughout the body to treat a wide variety of pathology, from traumatic hemorrhage to tumors. Selection of…

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