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Archive for November 2017

Tips & Tricks: Defining Your Need Statement

Contributed by Josh Tolkoff An unmet need is more than an incremental improvement and once it exists in the market – it makes a substantial change for the better. Talk with many stakeholders (patients, clinicians, hospital administrators, hospital purchasing agents, insurance providers, etc.) to better understand the need, and determine what kind of solutions would…

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Specialist Series: Finding and Defining Your Unmet Need

Contributed by Josh Tolkoff The most common reason for the commercial failure of a start-up entity is not having a compelling clinical need.  What exactly is an “unmet need”?  An unmet need is something more than an incremental improvement, and once it exists in the market it will make a substantial change for the better.…

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RECIPIENT:  Dr. Sylvie Breton TITLE: Predicting and Preventing Acute Kidney Injury Associated with Cardiovascular Diseases TYPE OF AWARD:  PILOT TECHNOLOGY TYPE: Small Molecule Drug CLINICAL AREA: Heart INDICATION: Acute Kidney Injury INSTITUTION: MGH DESCRIPTION:  Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a frequent complication of hospitalized patients. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this potentially deadly condition. Thus, a critical…

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