RECIPIENT:  Dr. J. Brian McAlvin
TITLE: A Novel Method To Treat The Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS)
TECHNOLOGY TYPE: Therapeutic Device
INSTITUTION: Boston Children’s Hospital

DESCRIPTION: We have developed highly-selective blood-filtering devices that are capable of filtering of individual, harmful molecules from the blood of patients rendered critically ill by the systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS). Antibody modified conduits(AMCs) are modified to remove specific circulating harmful molecules, and are incorporated within existing extracorporeal systems (e.g. dialysis, ECMO, plasma exchange and apheresis circuits). Each AMC filters a single, unique molecule. AMC combinations are chosen to selectively remove specific, deleterious molecules as they arise and are exchanged with new AMCs as host molecule expression changes. These temporally controlled, targeted manipulations of the introduce a novel treatment paradigm for SIRS. SIRS is the underlying mechanism for a variety of common critical illnesses including sepsis, ARDS, pancreatitis, trauma, burns and SIRS triggered by cardiopulmonary bypass surgery. Users of this device would be critically ill patients in the ICU or operating room with any disease for which the underlying mechanism is SIRS. Here, we use sepsis as the model disease in which to study the function of AMCs. Users of the device would be critically ill patients with SIRS resulting in multi-organ injury.