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Archive for February 2018

New Award: Congratulations, Dr. Jonghan Kim!

RECIPIENT:  Dr. Jonghan Kim TITLE: Hydrogel-based nanochelator therapy for iron overload disorders TYPE OF AWARD: Drive TECHNOLOGY TYPE: Small Molecule CLINICAL AREA: Blood INSTITUTION: Northeastern & MGH DESCRIPTION: Iron overload, best represented by hereditary hemochromatosis (primary/genetic iron overload) and transfusional hemoglobinopathy (secondary/acquired iron overload), is a well-defined risk factor for several critical diseases, including heart failure, liver cirrhosis, arthritis,…

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Q:  Do I need to have slides?  A:  Pitches only need to address the suggested elements.  Use of reference materials or other visual elements is welcome if they help convey the product concept and can be shared using your laptop screen.  AV equipment will not be available. Q:  How formal will the pitches be? A:…

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