Q:  Do I need to have slides? 

A:  Pitches only need to address the suggested elements.  Use of reference materials or other visual elements is welcome if they help convey the product concept and can be shared using your laptop screen.  AV equipment will not be available.

Q:  How formal will the pitches be?

A:  You will be pitching to 1-2 experienced biotech executives with everyone seated around a table.  There will be multiple tables in the room where other investigators will also be pitching.  Allow time for their questions and be prepared for them to ask several questions.

Q:  Can I present confidential information?

A:  Everyone hearing the pitches has signed confidentiality agreements.  However, since you will be pitching in an area where others may overhear or see your information we urge everyone to use their judgment when deciding what to share.

This event will provide you with the opportunity to pitch a team of experts on your research. You will receive immediate feedback with the opportunity to apply for our grant programs which can provide up to $350,000 per project, business coaching, and project management.