Success Stories: B-BIC’s Work With Platelet Biogenesis

One of B-BIC’s first grant recipients was Jonathan Thon, a researcher based at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Jonathan and his team had been researching two technologies necessary for producing platelets outside of the body. They had achieved promising results that demonstrated a microfluidic platform could simulate bone marrow physiological conditions and reproduce platelet production in an ex-vivo bioreactor.
To spur development of this technology, Jonathan co-founded a company named Platelet Biogenesis. He needed support to scale the bioreactor and to develop the business strategy necessary to acquire the additional resources they needed to commercialize their technology.
During the B-BIC project, Jonathan and his team were able to engage an external design development group that had expertise in microfluidics to help them scale platelet production. They were also connected with industry and government experts by their supporting project manager to develop and refine their business case.
These efforts helped the Platelet Biogenesis team secure a $1.5 million Phase 2 SBIR award, which eventually led to additional awards and $10 million in Series A financing. Jonathan has since joined Platelet Biogenesis as their CEO and Chief Scientific Officer.
To learn more about Platelet Biogenesis, you can visit their website here