New Award: Congratulations Dr. Darren Roblyer

TITLE: CardioptOx: A new real-time quantitative cardio-pulmonary monitoring technique for improved patient care.
TECHNOLOGY TYPE: Diagnostic Device
INSTITUTION: Boston University
DESCRIPTION: Approximately 600,000 deaths per year are attributed to cardiopulmonary disease in the US. Many patients suffering from cardiopulmonary disease experience complications that require hospital and intensive care unit (ICU) stays. For these patients, constant monitoring of the adequacy of tissue oxygenation is essential. Despite the importance of tissue oxygenation, current techniques are limited by their inability to measure key parameters in both the arterial and venous vascular compartments, and by the invasive nature of their implementation (e.g. invasive catheters), leading to complications, false diagnoses, and high costs. Our invention is called CardioptOx, and is a new high-speed tissue oximetry technology that can be used by physicians to monitor oxygen supply and consumption in a better way. CardioptOx has the potential to be implemented in a wide variety of hospital settings representing broad patient impact and a substantial market size, including but not limited to continuous monitoring in the ICU. CardioptOx will address unmet needs, improve outcomes, and reduce costs in the ICU by providing physicians will better, non-invasive, and quantitative indications of tissue oxygenation and utilization that can be used to make decisions regarding interventions. This B-BIC pilot award will allow us to develop an improved human interface and analysis software for CardioptOx, and demonstrate equivalence to invasive methods. This will allow us to rapidly move towards the first in vivo clinical study of a targeted patient population, helping to move the technology towards FDA clearance and commercialization.