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New Award: Congratulations Benjamin Matthews, M.D.!

TITLE: PR1P, an inhaled novel short peptide for Acute Lung Injury and ARDS. TYPE OF AWARD: Drive TECHNOLOGY TYPE: Small Molecule CLINICAL AREA:  Lung INSTITUTION: Boston Children’s Hospital DESCRIPTION:ARDS is an acute inflammatory lung disease characterized by hypoxemia and multi-organ failure with mortality reaching 50%. It accounts for almost 200,000 ICU admissions yearly in the US and…

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Venture Adventure: Exploring the Role of the Inventor in Commercialization

Written by Carl Berke, PhD. Partner at the Partners Innovation Fund Thomas Edison famously remarked, “Invention is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. The Wizard of Menlo Park was a prolific inventor who never left his lab, but his intellectual property was adopted by a plethora of companies who translated his technology into products that delighted…

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New Award: Congratulations Dr. Darren Roblyer

TITLE: CardioptOx: A new real-time quantitative cardio-pulmonary monitoring technique for improved patient care. TYPE OF AWARD: Pilot TECHNOLOGY TYPE: Diagnostic Device CLINICAL AREA:  Heart INSTITUTION: Boston University DESCRIPTION: Approximately 600,000 deaths per year are attributed to cardiopulmonary disease in the US. Many patients suffering from cardiopulmonary disease experience complications that require hospital and intensive care unit (ICU) stays.…

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Specialist Series: Building Your Project Plan

Co-authored by Erin McKenna, B-BIC Deputy Director & Ron Blackman, B-BIC Sr. Project Manager. When considering a development path needed to move technology to the clinic and beyond, it’s essential to address two questions:  Who will support the development of your technology, and what will they want to see to believe it can be commercialized? Who Will Support…

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Specialist Series: Reimbursement Basics

Contributed by Ed Berger Principal Larchmont Strategic Advisors Reimbursement strategy counsel to companies across the life sciences spectrum   A basic understanding of the healthcare reimbursement system is an important success factor for any entrepreneur developing a new medical product. Reimbursement is critical to opportunity assessment, business plan development, investor due diligence, and commercial success.  The…

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Success Stories: B-BIC’s Work With Platelet Biogenesis

WATCH:  B-BIC’s Work With Platelet Biogenesis One of B-BIC’s first grant recipients was Jonathan Thon, a researcher based at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Jonathan and his team had been researching two technologies necessary for producing platelets outside of the body. They had achieved promising results that demonstrated a microfluidic platform could simulate bone marrow physiological…

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Specialist Series: A Brief Introduction to Intellectual Property

Contributed by Lesley Watts, Director of B-BIC Operations & Finance Intellectual property is the product of a person’s creativity and it can take several forms including patents, copyright, trademarks, and trade secrets.  Patents play a key role in innovation and economic development, particularly in the life sciences, because they allow the patent holder to capture the…

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FAST PITCH FOR FUNDING: What we are looking for when awarding B-BIC partnerships

Potential for commercialization. Technology that addresses an unmet clinical need. Heart, Lung, Blood or Sleep indications. Preliminary data indicating promise of commercialization. Differentiation from competitors. IP filings, with institutions as the assignee. This event will provide you with the opportunity to pitch a team of experts on your research. You will receive immediate feedback with…

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FAST PITCH FOR FUNDING: Quick Tips for a successful pitch

Keep pitch short and focused on the technology and its commercial application. Limit the discussion of preliminary results, and focus on the most relevant results with conclusions – not data. Present the science within the context of the business strategy. This event will provide you with the opportunity to pitch a team of experts on your research.…

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