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Success Story: Warren Zapol, David Zapol and Third Pole, Inc.

By Greg Mueller | October 25, 2016

Approximately 10,000 “blue babies” are given inhaled nitric oxide (NO) to treat Hypoxic Respiratory Failure each year. Other potential uses for inhaled NO include heart attacks, strokes, and malaria. But the technology necessary to deliver inhaled NO is available only in a limited number of countries, for those who can afford it, with physicians who…

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Success Story: Jonathan Thon and Platelet Biogenesis, Inc

By Greg Mueller | October 25, 2016

Platelets are the ‘bandaids’ of the bloodstream. They are the cells in your blood that stop you from bleeding and transfusions save the lives of millions every year. However, platelets can only be stored for 5-7.5 days because of bacterial contamination issues. To manage this, blood centers typically don’t keep more than a 1.5 days…

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Platelet BioGenesis

By B-BIC | September 13, 2016

Platelet BioGenesis, a biotech startup developing a method for producing life-saving platelets without the need for human donations, is proud to announce that they won second place in the national BioSciKin/Simcere Sino-U.S. Startup Competition in Life Science in Shanghai, China. Platelet BioGenesis was invited to participate in the 2016 national competition following their first place…

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The Skills Development Center

By B-BIC | September 2, 2016

The Boston Biomedical Innovation Center (B-BIC) Skills Development Center (SDC) offers workshops focused on Leadership, Management, and Entrepreneurship. Researchers know how to develop groundbreaking new technologies.  However, to bring new technologies into the public arena where they can affect human health, researchers must also be able to navigate the path to commercialization, a process demanding…

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NEW AWARDS: B-BIC selects five new technologies to award support for commercial development

By B-BIC | July 7, 2016

RECIPIENT:  Dr. Pamela Silver TITLE: A Targeted Erythropoietin-Based Therapeutic TYPE OF AWARD:  DRIVE INSTITUTION: Harvard Medical School DESCRIPTION:  Pamela Silver, PhD., Elliot T and Onie H Adams Professor of Biochemistry and Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School, and a founding member of the Wyss Institute was awarded a DRIVE grant for continued development of a targeted erythropoietin-based therapeutic.  EPO plays…

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Joins Boston Biomedical Innovation Center to Further Research Translation and Commercialize Medical Technologies

By B-BIC | June 5, 2016

B-BIC’s expanding network signals the importance of forming strategic alliances to accelerate the commercialization of biomedical technologies to improve healthcare. June, 2016 – The Boston Biomedical Innovation Center (B-BIC), a National Center for Accelerated Innovation designed to accelerate commercialization of biomedical technologies, today announced that MIT joined B-BIC as an Associate Core Member. MIT investigators…

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New Awards: B-BIC selects three new technologies to award support for commercial development.

By B-BIC | April 7, 2016

RECIPIENT:  Dr. Ehud Schmidt TITLE: An MRI-Compatible Voltage Device Tracking For Multimodality Electrophysiology TYPE OF AWARD:  PILOT INSTITUTION: Brigham and Women’s Hospital DESCRIPTION:  Ehud Schmidt, PhD, Director of Engineering Physics in the Department of Radiology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School receives a Pilot award to develop MRI-compatible voltage device tracking for multimodality…

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New Awards: B-BIC Supports New Technologies For Commercial Development

By B-BIC | January 6, 2016

RECIPIENT: Dr. Warren Zapol TITLE: Portable and Affordable Lightweight NO Generator TYPE OF AWARD:  DRIVE INSTITUTION: MGH DESCRIPTION:  Warren Zapol, MD, Director of the MGH Anesthesia Center for Critical Care Research at Massachusetts General Hospital, receives a DRIVE award to develop electric nitric oxide generation for medical purposes.  Inhaled nitric oxide (NO) was approved by the FDA…

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